xRM Utilities Features


A Lead goes around the world.


From lead to sales opportunity to delivery contract. xRM Utilities offers a complete sales cycle complete with offer and contract management. Why take the easy route, when you can do it even easier?


Make your voice heard.


Generic mass E-Mails are so 2004. Personal contact is what your customer wants. Never has personal marketing been so easy. Define a target group of your choosing, create a broadcast and you’re good to go!


A happy customer is a good customer.

Customer Service

xRM Utilities offers a fully-fledged customer service management. As well as professional complaint and contract management, it also allows for processes like metre readings, making your service more efficient.


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Offer Management

Be it rates, products or individual calculations, xRM Utilities comes with professional and clean offer management. Just print your offer to a template and send it off. It’s as easy as one, two, three.


xRM@EVU and Billing Systems.

xRM@EVU and Billing

Connect your databases! Thanks to the Common-Data-Model of Microsoft Dynamics 365 the integration of billing systems is as easy as ever. NAV? SAP IS-U? Any other billing system? No problem.

360° Overview

Keep an eye on everything.

360° Overview

All the important information at a single click: Thanks to intelligent analysis and display of all technical and commercial master data of your customer, xRM Utilities helps you keep a complete overview.


External Access to xRM@EVU.

xRM@EVU Portal

The xRM Utilities Portal allows access to the CRM system from the outside of your organization, without needing an extra user license for Dynamics 365. This makes the Portal ideal for things like a customer interface.

Customer Value

Not every customer is the same.

Customer Value

How much effort should I put into my customers? Whats is the potential return? How high is the termination probability? Using individual criteria a customer value is calculated and displayed e.g. as a number or traffic light.

Load Profiles

Exact calculations.

Load Profiles

xRM Utilities offers load profiles and load gears primarily to calculate electricity consumption and consumption peaks in offer management. Customers without load gears can be assigned a load profile.


Network Operators in xRM@EVU.

Network Operators

Network Operators can be recorded as business partners and managed with their specific codes, e.g. ILN or EIC, in xRM Utilities. They can be used for a number of tasks, like offer management or analyses.


Some things just happen on their own.


Thanks to intelligent workflows lots of processes can be automated. Want to send an E-Mail to a customer? An activity to a co-worker? Workflows can be easliy created and managed, even without coding knowledge.


Credit in xRM@EVU.


xRM Utilities offers credit checks for sales leads and customers in real-time, e.g. with CreditReform. The result can be displayed as a number or traffic light. This will allow you to easily track who you want to do business with.


Technical Master Data in xRM@EVU.

Master Data

Link your technical data together. From premises over points of delivery and equipment to registers and register data – everything is synchronised and saved in xRM Utilities, making your data structure better.

Adress Check

Adresscheck in xRM@EVU.

Adress Check

Your CRM is only as good as its data. Secure your data quality by checking and validating your master data, like company name, postal address, telefon number and E-Mail address – including duplicate checks.

Office 365

Hand in hand with Office.

Office 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and xRM Utilities are strongly connected to Office 365. Synchronise your appointments, contacts, activities and E-Mails with Outlook or print offers and marketing campaigns in Word.

Add On's

It's the small things.

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